When it comes to gold stocks, some companies are simply a cut above the rest. If you’re looking to invest in gold stocks, then it’s paramount that you choose the right one. Otherwise, you could be pulling out quickly without any gain. Even worse, you could find yourself losing money if you aren’t careful. Some of these gold stocks come from mining companies, royalty and gold streaming companies, and ETFs that specialize in gold. So, what exactly are the best gold stocks to invest in with so many choices available. Let’s dive into some of the top options you may want to take advantage of.

VanEck Vectors

Here is a gold miners ETF. Stocks from large gold mining companies are held by VanEck Vectors. It has established itself as one of the biggest ETFs for gold. VanEck Vectors has garnered nearly $16 billion in assets. VanEck Vectors has its hand in a share of over 50 gold mining companies. When it comes to value, the top holdings for VanEck Vectors are Franco-Nevada Corporation, Newcrest Mining, Newmont Goldcorp, Barrick Gold Corporation, and Wheaton Precious Metals.

Barrick Gold Corporation

Here’s a company that is gunning for the top spot as far as valuation is concerned. Barrick Gold Corporation is based in Canada. Over 500,000 ounces of gold are produced by the company per year. The corporation has also been able to future-proof itself with a minimum of 10 years of productive life left. The longevity of Barrick Gold Corporation boils down to its ability to operate at a low cost. Essentially, far more money is coming in than going out for the company and that will get you far in any industry. It has led many experts to believe that Barrick Gold Corporation is here to stay for years to come.

Franco-Nevada Corporation

We turn to another Canada-based company. Franco-Nevada Corporation puts emphasis on streaming and royalties. That means the company doesn’t have to worry about overruns from operating and capital costs. This has been an issue that negatively impacts many gold mining companies but the Franco-Nevada Corporation has been able to avoid it, which is one of the contributing factors of its long-term success in the field.