Meet Bo Polny

Bo Polny, based out of Newport Beach, California, is a prominent and experienced cycles timing analyst in the Gold, Silver, and Cryptocurrency markets and holds possibly the highest track record of ‘verifiably’ accurate bitcoin timing forecasts in the world. He is the founder and face behind Gold 2020 Forecast on YouTube, where his videos currently have over 10 million views. Bo has been featured on network television shows and the like, including CNBC Crypto Trader,,,, NinosCorner.TV,, and, is one of the featured speakers at the ReAwakenAmerica Tour and has been a featured speaker at dozens of other conferences all over the world.

In 1991, Bo graduated near the top of his class as a Chiropractor, moved to California to pursue his career, and within a short few years built up one of the larger multidisciplinary health clinics in his county. He was later featured as one of Orange Coast’s ‘Top Doctors.’  After 20 years in private practice, Bo was confronted with a personal family challenge that caused him to reevaluate his life and priorities, and consequently turned into a burning desire to do more of God’s will, rather than continue pursuing self-interests.  Bo Polny sold his clinic, left behind his career as a chiropractor, and began studying the precious metals market—which, for some reason, resonated deep within his spirit.  He had always been fascinated by gold and silver, and the more he analyzed the market, the more he realized its movements were reminiscent of timing patterns referenced within the Bible, specifically a timing cycle described as Daniel’s Timeline. 

Bo began researching other patterns and events the Bible foretold and, in his search, came across the story of Nostradamus predicting the devastating events of 9/11. Further reading brought him Ecclesiastes 1:9, which states “what has been will be again” and he soon began to realize that life is full of cycles that create specific patterns on charts. If these specific patterns are analyzed and then compared to specific historical time points, some, in fact, repeat with rather incredible precision.  Bo then came to realize that in order for an expected cycle to complete, an event was necessary to fulfill the expected cycle pattern. Consequently, he ended up coining the phrase, “Cycles precede all events and then events including price manipulation, natural disasters, and war complete the cycle.”  Further research led Bo Polny to discover the way the timing cycle, described as Daniel’s Timeline, dictates Gold’s price movement and he began constructing his market analysis using these Biblical timing calculations overlaid with cycle-specific historic cycle patterns and a rather fascinating—and accurate—glimpse into the future market cycle could be drawn.  

As a Christian man, Bo believes God has blessed him with the gift of helping others find direction and hope—Godly hope—fueled by faith for a bright future.  His belief is confirmed through prayer and prophetic dreams that help him to put the pieces of the market puzzle together and make sense of the patterns in front of him.  Dreams and prayers are always subject to personal interpretation, and perfection in predicting future market movements is impossible; however,  Bo’s historical accuracy on predicting future market movement has proven to be quite eerily and shockingly accurate—accurate beyond anything of probability or chance. Consequently, over the past few years, Bo’s market timing newsletter has become possibly one of the most popular and successful private market timing newsletters in the world.  Most recently, in a February 8, 2020 interview on USA Watchdog Bo Polny forecast in advance the exact top for the US stock markets and warned of a 35% market crash coming in March 2020; a 36% crash followed that ended being due to the rapid onset of COVID-19.  He was able to predict the exact top date and the crash percentage in advance—a feat unlikely accomplished by no other.  This is just one example of dozens of other verifiable forecasts.  

Fifteen years later, after discovering the overlapping biblical timing and cycle patterns, Bo Polny has successfully forecast dozens of market movements many of which are shocking accurate to the exact date.  Through his dedication to God, prayer, knowledge of the Bible and the ability to memorize hundreds of historic chart patterns, he has had a great deal of success in forecasting price direction, including critical high and low time points in the markets in advance. 

In an effort to reach and wake up more people in the world to the Biblical times we live in, Bo founded Gold 2020 Forecast. Through his subscription service, clients can consult Bo’s market timing analysis, so that they may use his timing analysis to better plan their and their family’s future in “such a time as this”, Esther 4:14. Unlike other analysts, who can only suggest what might happen in the markets, Bo Polny has the ability to comfort people as to when change is expected.  He is honored for the gifts he feels God has bestowed on him, yet ‘all glory to God’ he humbly acknowledges.

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