The majority of investors have historically ventured into safe assets, including minerals, at periods of political and economic turmoil. The year 2020 was not different, as it saw a price rise in precious metals like silver and gold, and iron ore. The rising demand is to keep rising in 2021 as the world starts to recover from the COVID-19. The mining industry is divided into senior and junior mining companies where the former offer minimal risk stocks while the latter have stocks with higher risks. The industry is among the world’s most valuable sectors. While investing in their stocks can be risky, it can be an excellent investment.

BHP Group Stock
It is an Anglo-Australian stock that generates commodities like copper, iron ore, uranium, and metallurgical coal with business segments such as iron ore, petroleum, coal, and copper. Besides breaking out of the flat base, its RS line has also attained a new high. It is experiencing a rise in institutional ownership reflected by its A- Distribution/Accumulation rating.

Rio Tinto Stock
This is another stock that has broken out the flat base with an 87 ideal buy point and an A rating in accumulation/ distribution. The Rio Tinto stock has been rising in monthly charts since late October 2020, and its relative strength line has also been increasing lately. Its 98 composite rating is almost perfect, which is fundamental for stock growth.
It currently has more robust earnings than the performance of the stock market. Institutions have been buying Rio Tinto stocks heavily over the last 13 months.

Turquoise Hill Resources
The Turquoise Hill stock has recovered well after it fell to 10.14, passed its 14.72 consolidations buy point, and broken through its fifty-day line. Its relative stock line has been on the rise since late January and is now at the level it was in mid-2019.

It looks like the long price decline that lasted from mid-2011 to March 2020 has turned a corner. While is 93 composite rating is strong, it is not ideal, and the 73 ratings of earnings per share are lagging.

Mining companies are an attractive investment choice, especially since minerals and metals are essential for the global economy. However, everyone that aims to buy mining stocks should do their homework thoroughly.